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About Our Calm Parenting Course

What Makes the Help For Mums Calm Parenting Course so special?

When it comes to Calm Parenting most courses just focus on parenting tools - the way you talk to your child and getting your child to behave. However, mothers often feel disappointed with this methodology because it's not easy to put these calm parenting techniques into practice when you're feeling tired, overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, stressed, anxious, disorganised, or depressed.

That's where we excel at Help For Mums. We know what mothers really need, because we are busy mothers too. We know what it takes to live a calm parenting lifestyle and to feel happier, more connected and energised as a result.

Being a Calm Parent starts with you feeling your best. In out Calm Parenting Course you build a foundation of wellness whilst learning how to get better organised, role model positive behaviours that inspire your children and get all the latest tips and techniques to Master the Art of Calm Parenting.

We only open the doors to our Calm Parenting Course twice per year, because want ensure support each group of graduates as you embark on your journeying becoming a calmer parent.

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Lynn Davis

Lizzie O'Halloran

Founder of Help For Mums, Author & Course Creator

Lizzie is a mother of 2 girls. She is the Author of Perfect Mums: How to Survive the Emotional Rollercoaster of Motherhood and Refresh Your Life: 30 Day Weightless and Wellness Program.

Lizzie is an expert in Calm Parenting and Wellness. She is a professional parenting counsellor, presents to mothers on the importance of looking after their health and wellbeing in motherhood and has been featured in a range of Media.

The founder of Modern PT, Lynn is dedicated to the wellness of each and every person who walks through the door. Lynn opened this center 10 years ago to be a caring, communicative haven for people of all ages to address their pain. When Lynn isn't using her magic touch to ease pain and increase range of motion, she's attending classes and conferences to implement the most innovative practices and technologies to address her patients' needs.

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Carl Young

I wanted to thank Lizzie O’Halloran for her new book called ‘Perfect Mum’.

It has been written to support mothers to cope with the emotional, physical and psychological sides of motherhood. There are a wide array of feelings that we can feel as a Mother, from loneliness to stress and exhaustion. But I loved that Lizzie spoke about the grittier topics of depression and anxiety and not in a way that makes you reluctant to seek help but one that envelopes you in a warm hug of acknowledgement, that your feelings are true to you.


Carl entered the PT world after he blew out his ACL in a basketball game. He kept looking for the right physical therapist to get him through his injury, but no one gave him the attention and care he needed. So he went back to school to study physical therapy, so he could become that missing link for injured athletes. His PT goal is to not just to reduce your pain but to get you back in the game quickly and healthfully. 

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